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The perfect companion for Marching With Caesar® book series fans from Calix Imperium.

This beaker is made of solid pewter and has been engraved by the finest artisans in Europe. It is called the Roma Victrix, a latin term meaning ‘victory of Rome’. An ornament of exact historical detail, it is also fully functional as a drinking vessel (albeit an extravagant one).

The general design of the beaker is based on the the Poseidon beaker, which dates to the first century AD and currently resides at the Yale University Art gallery. This type of drinking vessel was used by the Romans to serve wine.

The illustrations depict the Roman invasion of Britain in AD 43. In the spandrels (the space within the arches), two Winged Victories (Roman goddesses associated with victory) can be seen carrying the laurel wreath crown, which was the symbol for victory. Mounted in the centre of the three arches is the head of Vespasion – the ninth emperor of Rome who commanded the invasion of Britain. The base is in the form of a laurel wreath, the symbol for triumph. Beneath panel one and embedded in the wreath, there is a plaque with the title ‘Roma Victrix’.

The Roma Victrix beaker is also sold in the British museum:

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